Sliders 9 Handbook: "Advanced Spiritual Body Training - The Flame of CosMAyah, Mayan Mother Matrix & Luminary Body Activation"


Sliders 9 Handbook: "Advanced Spiritual Body Training - The Flame of CosMAyah, Mayan Mother Matrix & Luminary Body Activation".  Mayan Cruise – October 2010 & FOL – January 2011

The required Grid Work for this workshop was performed during the Mayan Cruise Workshop and the Resulting Technique Activations were then able to be completed during the FOL 2011 workshop.

This extraordinary grid-work workshop saw Team Aquafereion-Indigo co-create with the Guardian races in ways never “seen” before. In doing so, the Team set the ground work for spreading the Kristic Blend wave to each and every corner of the globe, allowing the ascension host frequencies to become available to every plant, animal, critter and person on planet. What a celebration! The workshop was staged as a cruise in the area it was because of a special grid network called the Mayan Mother Matrix Temple Network. The pre-ancient Mayans (not the races known today as “the Mayans”) were part of a global group of Cos-MA-Yah Flame Keepers who held the keys to a specific planetary gate set associated with the Mayan Mother grids called the Kei-Ti Gates. Team Indigo assisted in anchoring the Flame of Cos-MA-Yah activations which in turn open the planetary Kei-Ti gates. The Mayan sites visited during this workshop connect into the Mayan Temple Network and into the Tara-Kei-Ti grids. The Tara-Kei-Ti grids are connected to both the 12 ancient arrow sites of the Elohei (see WOAB April 2010 workshop) and the Spanner Gates (see 12-Tribes material). There are a set of 3 Core Tara-Kei-Ti Gates on the Aurora Earth side, and these connect to 3 corresponding Tara-Kei-Ti Gate sites here on NET Earth. The Kei-Ti Membrane, whether on a personal, planetary, solar, galactic or Universal level, is an organic part of the Spirit Body anatomy – it is “an energetic skin of Etheric Rasha Dark matter particulates surrounding and encasing each of the 12 probability dominions and the central actuality “Bud” dominion.  It separates each time-space matter probability dominion (and each individual incarnate identity) from the other, allowing for linear delineation of space-time life/evolution cycles within the context of simultaneous manifestation within the Eternal NOW time.”

During the short workshop time available, Ash dispensed some fascinating information about the Kei-Ti Gates, Membrane and Awakening, the experience of this “AtOneMent”, the various levels of Bliss Consciousness or “Buddha Center States” (see the 6 Bliss States of the personal Dhan-Kei-Ti Awakening in the handout), the The Dha-na-Co-harA Disharmonic (and Distortion Field), the two Dha-na-co-harA Healing Waves, the Hidden City of Jhen-NA-PU-Ta-A (the first hidden city journey to AL-MAYa-San was during Sliders-7), the Flame of CosMA-ya Keepers in Jhen-NA-PU-Ta-A and clearing both planetary and personal Karma from the 22,326BC and 9558BC time period (includes the Fall of Atlantis and the 13,400BC Great Netting). In another lecture, there was information on Buddhism, and how it relates to the Kei-Ti Awakening techniques and which parts still remain, have been destroyed or hidden, or have never existed on planet before and conventional and esoteric (or tantric) Buddhism including Monastic Buddhism or Hin-Yahna Dhana (also called the lesser teachings), the Mahayana Dhana (also called the greater teachings) and the Vajhra Dhana (esoteric or tantric Buddhism) which leads to the Dhan Kini Bliss State. The Dhan-Kartha Bliss Teachings were found in the “undisclosed Kryst Buddha Doctrines”, of which there are none left on planet (last here during the Atlantian periods).

The personal KS techniques involve 3 layers of the Kei-Ti Membrane and Dha-na-co-harA Karmic Template: The Dhara (activation of the 1-7; 4-10 resolute twin set), the MU-Ra Layer (activates the 2-8; 5-11 set) and the EnTU’ra Layer (activates the 12-6; 3-9 set). Once all three layers have activated, a fully activated Buddha Self can “breathe” in and out of Time (called Buddha Level-6 or the Eternal Buddha [central] Actuality State). Then there are the 5 STAGES (15 layers) of the Kei-Ti Awakening (and Kei-Ti Membrane activation), with the first being the Adashi-1 Buddha-6 (Dhan-Kei-Ti), Adashi-2 planetary Logos (Tara-Kei-Ti), the Adashi-3 Galactic Logos (Jha-iah Kei-Ti), the Core Krystar-1 Metagalactic Logos (Kha-Lum- Kei-Ti) and finally the Core Krystar-2 Universal Logos (Adasha-Kei-Ti).

Techniques (1) Technique-1 from Sliders-8 & In the Image of God; (2) Journey to Jhen-NA-PU-Ta-A and activation of the Flame of Cos-MA-Yah.

Following the planetary Tara-Kei-Ti activations that took place during the October Mayan Grid Work Cruise, the personal Dhan-Kei-Ti membranes of individuals connected to the Aquafereion Shieldwere to trigger into activation within about one week (Nov. 2010) following the cruise, once the planetary Tara-Kei-Ti activation had reached critical mass for energy holding.

In mid- November 2010 the Mashayahana Councils were planning to release 6 techniques associated with the personal “Dhan-Kei-Ti Awakening”, once this “critical mass” Tara-Kei-Ti activation occurred in November 2010. However, on October 31st, 2010, a portion of the “Green Dragons’” Hosting Group defected for “friendly enemies deals” with the Thetans and Bourgha Budhara, and assisted the Metatronic team in forcing open the “Fallen Halls of Amenti” Stargates between Earth and Parallel Earth. Opening of the Fallen Amenti Gates on October 31st, 2010, slowed the Kryst Planetary Tara-Kei-Ti activations to the point where “critical mass”, and thus personal “Dhan-Kei-Ti Awakening” potential was not reached, resulting in the delay of Dhan-Kei-Ti Awakening within the Aquafereion Shield and delayed release of the corresponding 6 techniques.

During the January 1-3, 2011, Festival of Light workshop the CosMAyah and Mashayahana Councils amplified and expedited Earths’ planetary Tara-Kei-Ti Activation through activation of the “Luminary Body/ Ephemeral Vehicle” which, in turn, triggered rapid and expedited activation of the Dhan-Kei-Ti Membrane of the Aquafereion Shield. The 6 Techniques of Dhan-Kei-Ti Awakening, (which were delayed from November 2010) were released during the ’FoL 2011’  workshop, enabling the Aquafereion Shield to engage Dhan-Kei-Ti Awakening and Activation of the Personal Luminary/ Ephemeral Vehicle, an expedited Aquafereion Shield Activation level that would not have otherwise occurred until June 2011.

As of “FoL 2011”, Planetary Tara-Kei-Ti activation is running slightly ahead of schedule which will compensate for “energy drag” created by the October 31, 2010, opening of the Metatronic Fallen Halls of Amenti Gates; thus the Kryst Host Blend Wave Mission and 2012 Kryst Stand are proceeding according to schedule.

Introducing a whole new level of anatomy, our Luminary Body with its Ephemeral Vehicle. This Luminary Body activates via completion of the Dahra-MU-a and En-TU-Ra layers of Phase-1 Dhan-Kini Density fulfilment and embodiment of the full Dhan-Kini Bliss State. The Luminary Body is a pre-travel vehicle that can be used for travel projection and contact before the physical body structure is fully able to enter trans-figurative ascension through the Jha-DA Orb.  This was not supposed to occur until between October and December of 2011.

When it comes to the point of time in 2012 when the big showdown happens, we will be ready and prepared to make a stand of Unity through Diversity and of Global Love and Healing.  The most important thing is getting our personal bodies into a more expanded and broader perspective and Kristiac space.

When we begin to work with activating the KEI-Ti Membranes it progressively opens up the perceptual and experiential doorways  between all of our selves where we progressively start to know ourselves more and more as this larger and larger Self.  It doesn't dilute your sense of who you are; it doesn't make your cognition of your small self go away, but you realize you're many small selves in many different space-time locations .