"Where the Twain Shall Meet"


“Where the Twain Shall Meet”: Purpose of the AMCC-MCEO-GA™ translations, the

AMCC-MCEO-Krystal River Fail-Safe Host™ Mission and the Silver-Seed Awakening

    Part of restoring clarity of understanding regarding all aspects of the AMCC-MCEO-GA™ translations, is showing the context within which both the earlier 1997-4/2012 Foundational Programs and MCEO Freedom Teachings Series™, and the current ongoing 8/2012-2013+ AMCC-MCEO™ Advanced Master-works Programs relate to each other. These two separate bodies of works, which are separately trademarked, (both fully and solely authored/translated by AMCC-MCEO-GA™ Speaker-1 E’Asha Ashayana), the earlier works translated from the local-level CDT-Plates, the current works translated from the Cos-MY’ah-level KA-Krystal Discs, are fully compatible with each other, each representing an aspect of the AMCC-MCEO-GA™  Halls of Cosminyahas Record™. These two bodies of works are intended by the AMCC-MCEO-GA™ to serve as sequential corresponding educational programs through which the AMCC-MCEO-Krystal River Fail-Safe Host™Mission can progressively reach fruition.  

     The AMCC-MCEO-GA™ report that the primary purpose for which they have provided all of the AMCC-MCEO-GA™ translations (through their appointed Speaker-1 E’Asha Ashayana) is to progressively and incrementally reawaken long-dormant frequency spectra within the planetary Templar, and within the biological templates of the planetary life field, toward the objective of returning the organic Internal Creation Silver-Seed Krystar Core Plasma Flows, and their Eternal Life Ascension potentials, to Earth, which is the process through which the  AMCC-MCEO-Krystal River Fail-Safe Host™Mission is fulfilled.  The AMCC-MCEO-GA™ excerpt below simply explains this process of “frequency accretion”, and also illustrates the organic context within which the earlier and current AMCC-MCEO-GA™ translations relate and sequentially apply within fulfillment of the AMCC-MCEO-Krystal River Fail-Safe Host™Mission.