Sliders 4 Handbook: The Call of Aurora - Probability Alignments & the Adjugate Bond



Sliders 4 Handbook: The Call of Aurora - Probability Alignments & the Adjugate Bond (Intermediate Atmic/Ah-VE’-yas Body Training & Freeing the Mind for Slide) - May 22-24, 2009: Phoenix, AZ


After the wonderful success of the Drums of Aquafereion workshop in Sarasota, April 2009 (when Team Indigo successfully assisted in shifting NET Earth into the Metagalaxy Probability-6 alignment), it was truly amazing to learn just how huge ‘the events’ surrounding the Drum Circle really were. The information in this workshop reveals, for the first time, the incredible vastness of the metagalaxy, galaxy, solar and stellar systems within our single ‘small’ PCM Veca universe, revealing the complete ‘picture’ of the Wheels Within Wheels of Creation from the level of our Dn-1 Buddha Selves right out to the level of the 12 Eckasha-Aahs.

With the Metagalaxy Probability-6 alignment achieved, the next critical assignment for NET Earth Team Indigo was to assist in the Essential Alignment and the Great Crossover, without which our ascension potential would end in 2012, as would our ability to time travel into the Aurora Continuum. To do this, we will be working to restore the full set of natural (but currently dormant) Andromeda Aquious Codes into the Aquafereion Shield, by using the Call of Aurora which involves the Sacred Sentence, a series of numerically-encoded words corresponding to the numbers that ‘dial-us-up’ to the Essential Alignment on the probability maps. This Sacred Sequence clears the inorganic numerical sequence associated with the EGO - epigenetic overlay (aligned with the falling Milky Way galaxy) so that we can realign ourselves, the Aquafereion Shield, then parts of NET Earth and its life forms to the AquaElle and M31 Universes. In preparation for this, the Aquafereion Shield was gifted with a shift in Light Quotient from 75% to 82%, enabling the Shield to enter the MaShaYa Fold-One and marking the initiation of our upgrade from Melchizedek Cloister Priesthood (of our Local Aquinos/M31 and Milky Way Matrices) into the first stages of the Krystic Adashi Mashaya-Hana Priest Caste Councils (of the Aquareion Matrix Hub — the Kryst Host system in the parallel Eckasha-A).

Apropos of the news about this wonderful upgrade, Ash gives an important lecture on the huge amount of LOVE that is left here on NET Earth, the fact that many people still love deeply and about how we can as Krystics be the ones to fully appreciate and nurture the beauty here. Other lecture topics include the Metagalactic-6, Galactic-3, Solar System-3 and Stellar-3 alignment, the history of our Milky Way alignments from the time of the Eieyani massacre in 22,326BC to the present, and the 3:3:3 Triangulation link between Aquinos/M31 and the Milky Way (M31 3-3-3 & Adjugate-9 Bond) that will be critical in holding NET Earth out of Black Hole fall alignment until the final separation in 2230 AD.

Later topics include the Dragon’s Eye (the Eye of the Beast); the Black Hole MICCA and MECCA complexes (and the 5 Pillars of the One); the unfavourable alignments between the Bourgha Black Hole/parallel Veca-2 and our pineal glands; our switched-off 360-degree, multi-dimensional vision; and the twisted currents that result in our unnatural limited bi-focal visual field at the front of the head and the false memory “bubble” behind the head, blocking all the natural flows from our Spirit Body.

Techniques: A gift from the Aquinos Universe via our Ah-JhU-na, Activation of the 3-3-3 Triangulation and the Sacred Sequence.