Sliders 10 Handbook - "Return of the Sacred Butterfly - "Te", "Chi" & the "DhA-Ya-Tei" Ultimate Desire, "DhA-Ya-fication" of the Vessel, Eternal Identity & the Adept Mind


Sliders 10 Handbook - "Return of the Sacred Butterfly - "Te", "Chi" & the "DhA-Ya-Tei" Ultimate Desire, "DhA-Ya-fication" of the Vessel, Eternal Identity & the Adept Mind. - May 27 - 29, 2011 Sarasota, FL.


Finally after years of Light Body, Ra-Sha Body and Spirit Body Clearing, this workshop brings us the Freedom Teaching technologies that will begin to free the Physical body of it entrapments and distortions. This process starts with the 3-Part Release of the Cloak of Aya from the Silver Seed Crystal, a Cal-Force Membrane or Cal-Cloak that surrounds the dormant Aya-Silver-Seed Crystal in the Tail Bone that results from the “finite artificial-life Metatronic anti-Krystic 666-creation code”. The Organic Living Aya-Silver-Seed Crystal is a crystallized standing wave radiation quantum of 1st Creation God Source Consciousness Field (Ah’-yah) that enters the physical body at conception.


Because of the distortion carried in the Chi-ring (called the Ghi) in the sperm, the union between the Chi in the sperm and the Ki in the ovum doesn’t proceed organically and by Day-6 of conception, the organic process is interrupted. Instead the natural Spark of Ah’-yah is harnessed to form something called the EhY, which attracts to it, a myriad of elements and figments from the Elemental Base Field in the surrounding environment. After being harnessed, this Spark of Ah’-yah is not able to flow with the natural organic “DhA” Elemental Life Force Currents that make up the innate intelligence and consciousness of the physical body form.


This trapped portion of Ah’-Yah is known as the “TE” identity. Opening the 6-Path Ah’yah flows in Technique 2 is part of restoring the original organic process of this Spark of Ah’-yah when the Cloak of Aya is released. The restoration process also involves opening the natural eternal organic DhA-TEi flows within the body by Awakening the Seat of Kha-Steil-A (or “DhA” Point), releasing the Seals of Kha-Steil-A (7 Elemental Seals of DhA-TEi) and restoring the combined Eternal DhA-Ya-TEi flows: in this workshop the process of Level-1 DhA-Ya-fication & De-Mortification.


The inorganic metatronic process set in motion on Day-6 causes Fetal Integration to occur inorganically between Day 33 and 56 instead of organically on Day 120. As a result, part of the Incarnating Spirit (ZhEon Birth Quantum) gets harnessed in the inorganic electro-magnetic harness surrounding the EhY. This results in creation of the inorganic Va-Ba-Tum carbon crystal which is then inorganically polarized into a Tube-Torus vortex spin, forming the distorted Ying Yang flow. Instead of the incarnating spirit bonding with the organic DhA-TEi Elemental Force to become the Living GhaRE or “Living Conscious Spirit” (that would normally blend with the Aya God Source Identity through the Silver Seed Crystal), it bonds instead with the twisted Ghi-Force to become the chaotic Garoche Force. The related techniques are numerous but include the 3 Disciplines of the Yha-Seph-ah Elemental Air Command.