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The following workshops are ready to be purchased for streaming/viewing online.
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6/25/14 Update: Please note we have had to remove all older streaming workshops due to a recent settlement agreement.
This agreement requires that we remove certain faces and elements of people from all workshops.
We will do our best to complete this removal process as swiftly as possible, at which point the workshops will be added back here for sale.

We thank you for your patience.

EFFI-Project™ 1st Product NEW RELEASE - The Cosmos IS Watching and Always Will Be:
The Dance of Lila, the Pillar of Peace & the Bridge Across Forever”

© E’Asha Ashayana 5/2012, EFFI-Project™ 5/2012 - Filmed by EFFI-Project™ Staff 5/25-28/2012 Sarasota, FL