Sliders 8 Handbook: Preparing the Body for Slide — Advanced Level. Awake, Aware, and ALIVE in the Lands of Aah: The “Sea of Ah’-yah,” Eternal Stream of Ah-yah-YA’, the Covenant of Ah-yah-RhU’, and Eternal Dream-Fields of the ONE


Sliders 8 Handbook: Preparing the Body for Slide — Advanced Level. Awake, Aware, and ALIVE in the Lands of Aah: The “Sea of Ah’-yah,” Eternal Stream of Ah-yah-YA’, the Covenant of Ah-yah-RhU’, and Eternal Dream-Fields of the ONE. - August 13–15, 2010 — Phoenix, AZ:

This was yet another “entry-level” workshop for newcomers with an exciting new condensed chronology of the cosmic Big Picture Drama since 2000, including the momentous events that occurred during the 12 Tribes classes. Orientation lecture topics included the “Beginners Leap,” symbol codes, species encryption, Sacred Psonns (auditory encryptions), drum codes, the Psonn of Freedom, the “Original Sin” (Fall of Lyra and the Fallen Elohei race, the Anu-Elohim), DNA Template and bio-field activation, Planetary and Aquafereion Shield activations, MCEO ordinations, projections/journeys, and a wonderful discussion of 12 frequently asked questions about the MCEO Freedom Teachings®, including: “Who are the Guardians?” “Where did the teachings come from?” and “Why does the organization charge money for workshops and products?” Among the topics covered in the Saturday workshop were the “Sea of Ah’-yah,” the Eternal Stream of Ah-yah-YA’, the Covenant of Ah-yah-RhU’,and the Eternal Dream-Fields of the ONE; Kryst Mission Upgrade–46 (covered in the 39-page summary in handbook); the recent and upcoming Al-Ben’-Yhan grid handovers; the 6th Dimensional Met-NET Freeze Immunity; the 4-month Metatronic Purge Cycle; the Aquafereion Shield upgrade from the Tri-Universal Mashaya-Hana Master Councils of the Krystal River Host Wha-YA-yas Adashi Adept Councils to invitation into Apprenticeship Commissions with the Eternal Councils of Ah-yah-RhU’–Cos-MA’-yah of the Cosmic Krystar Master Councils; the Living Infinite-Eternal God-Source Consciousness Field (the Unutterable ONE); the Ah-YA’-yah (the state of consciousness of “Embodiment of the Living Dream-Stream”) and Ah-YA’ (“Embodiment of the Ah-YA’-yah Dream-Stream”); the Orbs of Ah-YA’ (Orbs of the “Embodied Ah-yah-YA’ Dream-Stream”); the “Call of the Ah’-yah” (the Ah’-yah Ah-YA’ Command); and the Mashayahs (the new generation of Angelic Humans — the Mashayah Adepts — birthing in to resurrect the original Angelic Human gene code).

On Saturday, the Beginners Leap graph sequence included mylars on the Eyugha and EyAda Cycles; the Core Creation Sequence; the Krystar Ascension Cycle (the 5 Stages of Starfire & the 4 Starfire Points); the 2010–2012 AmorAea Activations of the Milky Way; Metagalaxy and NET-Earth Ascension Alignments; the Hara Bodies of the Elum’Eir-adhona Spirit Body; the Alumin Atonah Cosmic Body and Akashic & Ecoushic Records; the Mix-Master Elemental Step-down Aah-JhA Body Atomic Generator (Allur-E’ah Rashatan); the 15 Suns of the Eiradhona Domain Bodies; the Starborn Light Body Expansion Cycle; the Eckasha-Aah 1st God-World Full Eukatharaista Body; the Cosmic “Wheels within Wheels” Probability and Actuality Dominions; Octants, Parallels, Adjacents, Adjugate Twin Sets, Resolute Twin Sets, and “Four Faces” of the Soul, Over-Soul, and Avatar; the Aquinos/M31 Galaxy AQUA’elle Ethos Host; the Transharmonic Aurora Continuum and its 5 Planes & matter states; the Wha-YA-yah Great Void Fields; the Silver Seed of the Ah-YA’-yah Fields; and the Infinite-Eternal Lands of Aah. The truly amazing activations on Sunday early a.m. involved the new “Ah’-yah” toning, opening the first level of the Ah’-yah Fields of Consciousness, activation of the Violet Ray of Transmutation (“Purple Rain” — the Rain of Ah’-yah), and the beautiful violet Orb sphere (Orb of Ah’-yah).

Early Monday morning found Team Aquafereion-Indigo singing the wonderful new 2-part Psonn of the Infinite-Eternal ONE, followed by another information-packed lecture on the grid work and peace mission to Biosphere 2 (in Tucson, AZ), and creating your Ah-YA’ Body (the embodied quantum of Ah’-yah Field blended with the personal GharE’) and Orb of Ah-YA’ (involves induction of Cos-MA’-yah Codes 1, 2, and 3: the Ah-yah-RhU’ Cos-MO’-sa [Code 1], the Ah-yah-RhU’ Cos-MA’-yah [Code 2], and the Ah-yah-RhU’ Ah-YA’ [Code 3]). The activations and techniques included activation of the Ah-yah-YA’ Eternal Living Dream-Stream, the pillar of golden-silver Wha-YA-yah Field frequency, transmission of the Cos-MO’-sa Ah-YA’-yah Stream, the four-direction activation, activating the Ah’-yah Flame Sphere and our 12-foot diameter personal Womb of Creation Ah-YA’ Orb and personal Ah-yah-RhU’ Space, finishing the six-direction activation, awakening the Ah-YA’ Avatar Eternal, awakening the Perfected You (the Ah’-yah Seed Self)Turning on the SHINE, the Covenant of Ah-yah-RhU’, and finally, the invitation and initiation, via the personal silver-violet Mission Spark, to become Apprentices Elect of the Krystal River Eternal Councils of Ah-yah-RhU’–Cos-MA’-yah.