Sliders 2 Handbook: Reclaiming the Vessel – Preparing the Body for Slide


Sliders-2 Handbook: Reclaiming the Vessel – Preparing the Body for Slide - Virginia Beach, VA September Sept. 19-21, 2008

This unique and wonderful workshop saw the culmination of a series of techniques that spanned 70 pages! As a reflection of the ‘task at hand’ in getting the physical body ready to slide, these techniques included physical body sounds, movements and rhythms (Phase-Toning), in addition to the usual see/feel visualization kind of techniques. These new and exciting technologies will begin enabling us to shift our 3D conscious state into a more expanded conscious state. To prepare us for this shift, this workshop covers information on our very own embodied Kara-nA’dis Seal, the Aah-JhA’ Hydro-Acoustic Body, the D-2 Control GrU’-al (‘Grail’) Window, the Dimensional Penta-g’el circulations (within the D-1 Jhandas, the D-2 GrU’-al, the D-3 TE’a-Wha and D-4 Jha-Dha windows) and the ‘I AM’ bands of consciousness.

These amazing Sliders-2 techniques will assist us in opening the communication between the D1, D2, D3 and Density-1 ‘I AM’ levels of consciousness, allowing our ‘I AM’ levels to communicate with each other and also allowing us to more fully reunite with our own embodied natural GhaRE Spirit. To assist us in this process, this workshop includes a ‘Daily Grail’ technique program with instructions on how to clear our food of both the unnatural Gharoche’ and natural GharE’ and how to re-enliven it. It also includes the wonderful new phase-toning techniques that teach us to listen to The Voice of our own embodied Spirit, GhaRE’, so we can gradually become The Voice of our embodied Spirit.

This program also includes important information on foot baths, dietary changes and exercise … how much, how often, what sort and mostly importantly, why. There is also more information on the amazing 12 Steps of Materialization (plasm, protoplasm, vapors, metallic electroplasma, hydroplasma, thermoplasma, ectoplasma - includes celestallon, celestalline and celestallite – and finally endoplasma water-matter) and the fascinating manifestation and materialization process that takes place in the RaSha Body, Light Body (in the etheric duct system), Spirit Body and Aah-JhA Body. Finally, join Team Indigo for the exhilarating Wave of Sacred Psonns (including several beautiful new songs) for the International Day of Peace-Fall Equinox and bringing in the Host of Al-ben’-yhan.

Techniques in order of presentation in this workshop include:

  • Sliders-1 Technique & Sliders-2 Prep Technique-A, B & C

  • Optical-Pineal Induction of the Allur-E’ah Ra-sha-tan Protoplasm Code

  • Creating the TE’a-Wha Materialization Seed.

  • Opening the Pentagonal TE’a-Wha WINDOW & Conscious Materialization

  • Psonns of the Sacred Wave: Calling of the 6 Directions and the Host of Al-ben-Yhan; International Day Of Peace-Fall Equinox; The Hour of Requiem

  • Sliders-2  PSI-Interactive Technique-1: Activating the Grail Window- Part-1&2

  • Sliders-2 PSI-Interactive Technique-2: I AM THE VOICE - Phase-Toning

  • Sliders-2 PSI-Interactive Technique-3A-E: Entering the Grail (GrU’al) State (70 steps; 90 minutes)

  • Sliders-2: Activation of the Median Earth – Ascension Earth Grail Window (on beach)

  • Sliders-2: PSI-Interactive Technique-4A-E: Opening the Grail Door

  • Sliders-2: Journey to the Keivas (Median Earth hydrolase pools)