Sliders 12 Part 1 Handbook: Externalization of the Kryst; Secrets of the Tan'-Tri-A'jha. PART-1: The 7 Suns of Cos-MA'-yah, Keys of Aden, Budding of the Lotus Seed and Plasma Body Initiation



Sliders 12 Part 1 Handbook: Externalization of the Kryst; Secrets of the Tan'-Tri-A'jha. PART-1: The 7 Suns of Cos-MA'-yah, Keys of Aden, Budding of the Lotus Seed and Plasma Body Initiation. - December 30, 2011


This first of three Sliders-12 workshops involved yet another “Mission Upgrade” (MUG), this time an expedited activation of the Tan-Tri-Ajha Shield, and a Graduation Ceremony for all (for becoming Adashi Adepts) and wonderful information on the Secret Anatomy of an Adashi Adept. The expedited activations are occurring because ONE, we are ready (!) and TWO, the Fallen teams’ plans to cause a calamitous effect in the Aquafereion shield with an activation called the Dark Flower Activation have already started and are building momentum. The Adashi Adept graduation involves a specific activation of the Light Body Chakra System and Plasma Body, an activation that is being brought through by the Phim Families of the Adashi Adepts (include the Ma-jhi-Ta Benders introduced in the Sliders-11), many of whom are incarnates on Earth. The Phim race lines have experienced a Krystar Turn-around and have reached Adashi-3 Master level and because of this, can incarnate directly from the DhA-Ya-TEi Planes (Adashi masters co-create and live within the DhA-Ya-TEi Planes). Humans on Earth who have Phim coding in their DNA can activate their Light Body anatomy to the level of an Adashi Master, and then continue to activate their Plasma Body. They can then assist in transferring this Plasma Body activation to other non-Phim race lines on NET Earth and other areas of the Milky Way through a ‘host link’ (involves a link through the Hydro-Acoustic Body and the DhA-Ya-fication process). This way all non-Phims will be able to acquire a sheath of protection from the Dark Flower Activation, open their own Krystar Line and activate their Lotus Flower anatomy.


The activations included the 13 VOWS, specific energy exchanges between ourselves and our Krystar Connection in the DhA-Ya-TEi’s and if we are aware of one, ourselves and our Ma-jhi-ta Bender Twin. These energy exchanges progressively bring the plasma body activations into the physical form, involve an astonishing 49 or more new frequency currents and trigger corresponding levels of the Lotus Flower activations within the Light Body Chakra Anatomy. Anchoring and opening to these frequencies in our bodies and on Earth, ALSO triggers the opening of another level of the Ascension Host Gates for our planet, its life fields and the Milky Way – these Gates are known as the D-Span (D = DhA-Ya-TEi ) Star Gates (referred also to as the 777 Gate System) and have the same configuration as the Aquafereion Na-VA–Ho Krystal Heart of Aquereion Passage Gate Codes. These Gatesplay an important role in the Ascension, Ka-LE-RA-ma step-back and KaLE-DE-ma Krist Fall Evolutionary Paths. Speaker One shares some of amazing Journeying on Sanctuary Island and other places that she had been commissioned to do in order to assist in bringing in the 13 VOWS. The places visited included the Silver Seed Temple, the Great Hall Plasma-Phase-Generator, Salvage Island, Sanctum Island and RhA-yas Island. As a result of her travels, we have now available to us all the 13 VOWS and the encryption codes to start doing our own Journeys to these places (there are now have two further panels of sketches of these beautiful places added to the Sanctuary Island Mural code from Sliders-11).


ALL of the DhA-Ya-TEi islands that we are learning about and will Journey to, have direct vertical staff connections to the Krystal River Host and are associated with a stack of in-between Tan-Tri-Ajha Shields that form a Host Link between the Highest levels of the Cos-MA-yah through the DhA-Ya-TEi Planes, the Aquari Matrix, Adromeda  M-31, Urtha in M-31, the Milky Way and NET Earth. The Phim Family lines will play an important role in running the required frequencies in Tan-Tri-Ajha Shield mathematical configurations (during Shadra Stand grid-work), including for the Dec 2012 Stand. The Islands, the DhA-Ya-Tei Planes and the Tan-Tri-Ajha Shields all form and are part of something called Internal Eternal Creation. Much detail on this structure, Plasma Phase Generators, and the structure and function of these Tan-Tri-Ajha Shields was presented. Other topics included Personal Plasma Body Phase Generation, the Sancta de Klaris LTR grid, the Pyros or Divine Fire, the exquisite incarnation process of the Yoshi and YAden Phims, the 7 Bridges Flow, the RhA-Yas Ah-min-yahs ‘Eye of God’ CosMAyah Core Bud Generator Phase Cell, and the Prism of the Krystened Eye.


Journey Activation: Anchoring the Density-5 Four Unspoken Ones and initiation of the Krysta A’jha Wave of Transfiguration to activate the ‘777 D-Span System’ on Earth and Transmission of the 13-VOW Wave to the Aquafereion Shield to Block the Dark Flower Awakening.